Beggar & co. - monument - ASH SELECTOR Solar Radio Presenter: SOUL SHACK

The Slebech Estate was one of Wales's most important religious houses and a most important meeting point for pilgrims on the way to the Cathedral and monastic grounds of St David’s from the 6th Century onwards. Visited by Kings and Queens of England, including William the Conqueror, Henry 2nd, Edward the 1st and Queen Eleanor  to name but a few.
The areas of the Estate would have been used according to male or female, rich or poor, we know for example there was a ‘’Beggar's’’  field, which would have been for the less well off and those thought to diseased or unworthy, but alas we have not found it yet!

Beggar & Co. - MonumentBeggar & Co. - MonumentBeggar & Co. - MonumentBeggar & Co. - Monument